Metamorphosen - Topolgy of the City (2021)

Initiated by the artist Yoana Tuzharova, the exhibition „Metamorphosen – Topology of the Capital“ deals with the influence of economy on urban structures and its development. The project consists of several works. One of them is a pedestal with a plate with coal dust on top. This plates is brought into vibration by a composition based on the DAX Data of 2020 by flutist Francesco Marzano, which is then translanted through an algorithm into sinuswaves. The emerging patterns on the plate are their basis for several other sculptural objects. The sound sculpture was realized by Yoana Tuzharova and Leon Eckard. 

Another part of the project is a sound and light installation in a shopping window of the Mall „Forum“ in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Six membranes, attached to the windows, are translating the current DAX data in real-time into sound. The pitch displays the absolute value of the DAX, whereas the vibrato diplays its derivation. The light reflects the increase or decrease respectivley. The light was

imlpemented by Dominik Kissmann and the sound by Leon Eckard. During a performance within the exhbition Francesco Marzano (Flute) and Leon Eckard (electronics) improvised to the current DAX data. Francesco played meldoies, based on the tone of the DAX, which Leon Eckard captured and modulated with several algorithms.